Episode 95

Docker U-Turn


April 21st, 2023

46 mins 30 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

We debate if users learned their lesson from the Docker Hub drama, and the silent self-hosting winner going from strength to strength. Proxmox gets some big updates.

Plus, our thoughts on the state of self-hostable AI tools.

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Episode Links

  • Olympia Linux Spring Meetup , Sat, Apr 29, 2023, 1:00 PM — Let's have a local PNW get-together.
  • We're no longer sunsetting the Free Team plan — Last week we felt our communications were terrible but our policy was sound. It’s now clear that both the communications and the policy were wrong, so we’re reversing course and no longer sunsetting the Free Team plan
  • LUP 502: Docker Shocker — The story of an open-source hero who became a villain.
  • Proxmox Virtual Environment 7.4 — Proxmox VE 7.4 is based on Debian 11.6 (“Bullseye”), but uses a newer, long-term supported Linux kernel 5.15 and includes updates to the latest versions of leading open-source technologies for virtual environments, such as QEMU 7.2, LXC 5.0.2, and ZFS 2.1.9.
  • Pricing v3, plans, packages, and debugging · Tailscale — The new plans should save money for essentially everyone, but you can keep your old plan if you want.
  • web-whisper — OpenAI's whisper on your web browser!
  • KTZ Systems - YouTube — Creating videos and tutorials about Self-hosting, Homelabs, Networking, Linux, Containers, Home Automation, and much more...
  • Auto-GPT — Auto-GPT is an experimental open-source application showcasing the capabilities of the GPT-4 language model. This program, driven by GPT-4, chains together LLM "thoughts", to autonomously achieve whatever goal you set. As one of the first examples of GPT-4 running fully autonomously, Auto-GPT pushes the boundaries of what is possible with AI.
  • gpt4all chatbot ui — This is a Flask web application that provides a chat UI for interacting with llamacpp based chatbots such as GPT4all, vicuna etc...
  • turbopilot — TurboPilot is a self-hosted copilot clone which uses the library behind llama.cpp to run the 6 Billion Parameter Salesforce Codegen model in 4GiB of RAM. It is heavily based and inspired by on the fauxpilot project.
  • You all NEED these Obsidian community plugins - YouTube — In this YouTube video, I’m talking about how Obsidian can do so much more than just note-taking and writing technical documentation.
  • Alby: Your Boost companion for the web — Create an Alby Account to get a lightning wallet for payments wherever you go.
  • Self-Hosted on the Podcastindex.org — Send a Boost into the show via the web. First, top-up Alby, then head over to our entry on the Podcast Index.