Episode 109

Alex’s Backups Disaster


November 3rd, 2023

1 hr 10 mins 8 secs

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About this Episode

How we almost lost valuable data this week, and a Chat with Doug and Mitch about their new home lab server.

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  • ⚡ Self-Hosted on the Podcastindex.org — Send a Boost into the show via the web. First, top-up Alby, then head over to our entry on the Podcast Index.
  • How to make self-hosting and local-first software work — Fom offline mode to multiplayer to heady questions about ownership, we’re rethinking the way software works. But what does better look like?
  • GitLab + KubeCon NA 2023 | GitLab
  • Local-first software: You own your data, in spite of the cloud — In this article we propose “local-first software”: a set of principles for software that enables both collaboration and ownership for users. Local-first ideals include the ability to work offline and collaborate across multiple devices, while also improving the security, privacy, long-term preservation, and user control of data.
  • 45HomeLab Software — 45HomeLab provides a platform to run whatever applications you want on your server. For your convenience, our staff picked their favorite applications, tested and assembled them here.
  • The HL15 — The HL15 from 45HomeLab is a open-source, open-platform, 15-bay homelab server. The HL15 features enterprise architecture and strength brought to a scale that works for the homelab. The server's direct-wired architecture can provide blazing fast transfer speed of up to 2GB per second.
  • Google Nest Mini Gutted And Rebuilt To Run Custom Agents — [Justin] pulled apart a Nest Mini, ripped out the original PCB, and kitted it out with his own internals. He uses the ESP32 as the basis of his design, since it provides plenty of processing power and WiFi connectivity. His replacement PCB also interfaces with the LEDs, mute switch, and capacitive touch features of the Nest Mini, for ease of interaction.
  • Justin Alvey on X — I “jailbroke” a Google Nest Mini so that you can run your own LLM’s, agents and voice models.
  • BBC in Hot Water — An article discussing the origins of a phrase.