Episode 114

Unintended Consequences


January 12th, 2024

1 hr 1 min 48 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

We kick off the new year with new apps in our home lab you’ll want to try and a new way to do networking.

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Episode Links

  • ⚡ Grab Sats with Strike Around the World — Strike is a lightning-powered app that lets you quickly and cheaply grab sats in over 36 countries.
  • 🎉 Boost with Fountain FM — Fountain 1.0 is out with a new UI, upgrades, and super simple Strike integration for easy Boosts.
  • Using the occ command — Nextcloud’s occ command (origins from “ownCloud Console”) is Nextcloud’s command-line interface. You can perform many common server operations with occ, such as installing and upgrading Nextcloud, manage users, encryption, passwords, LDAP setting, and more.
  • Jellystat — Jellystat is a free and open source Statistics App for Jellyfin
  • OpenSSH: Release Notes — This release contains fixes for a newly-discovered weakness in the SSH transport protocol, a logic error relating to constrained PKCS#11 keys in ssh-agent(1) and countermeasures for programs that invoke ssh(1) with user or hostnames containing invalid characters.
  • audiobookshelf — Self-hosted audiobook and podcast server
  • Stirling-PDF: locally hosted web application — This is a powerful locally hosted web based PDF manipulation tool using docker that allows you to perform various operations on PDF files, such as splitting merging, converting, reorganizing, adding images, rotating, compressing, and more. This locally hosted web application started as a 100% ChatGPT-made application and has evolved to include a wide range of features to handle all your PDF needs.
  • lubelog: Vehicle Service Records and Maintainence Tracker — Because nobody should have to deal with a homemade spreadsheet or a shoebox full of receipts when it comes to vehicle maintainence.
  • memos: An open source, lightweight note-taking Apple Notes killer — A privacy-first, lightweight note-taking service. Easily capture and share your great thoughts.
  • How to setup a reverse proxy with LetsEncrypt SSL for all your Docker apps — The reverse proxy. One of those projects you put off for years but when you finally get to it you find that it was relatively simple all along.
  • Traefik 101 Guide - Perfect Media Server — In this article we will be discussing reverse proxies, how they will enable you to securely expose webapps running on your LAN to the outside world, and how to automate issuing TLS (the artist formerly known as SSL) certificates using Let's Encrypt, Traefik, Cloudflare and Namecheap.
  • Sengled Smart Plugs — Work as Zigbee Repeater
  • SSH 114 Boost Barn! — Thank you to everyone who supports the show with a Boost!