Episode 123

How much CPU do You REALLY Need


May 17th, 2024

57 mins 26 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Alex benchmarks Intel CPUs (and an Arc GPU) to find the ideal balance of age, power, and speed for your home media server. Plus, our thoughts on Immich going full-time.

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  • 🎉 Boost with Fountain FM — Fountain 1.0 has a new UI, upgrades, and super simple Strike integration for easy Boosts.
  • FacilMap — FacilMap is a privacy-friendly, open-source versatile online map that combines different services based on OpenStreetMap and makes it easy to find places, plan trips and add markers, lines and routes to custom maps with live collaboration.
  • GpxPod - Nextcloud — Display, analyse, compare and share GPS track files.
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  • The Immich core team goes full-time — Recently, a company in Austin, Texas, called FUTO contacted the team. FUTO strives to develop quality and sustainable open software. They build software alternatives that focus on giving control to users. From their mission statement:
  • The Best Media Server CPU... in the world. — After a solid 8 months of testing, I think we have a big enough sample size to draw some conclusions. The best media server CPU is...
  • mafl: Minimalistic flexible homepage — Mafl is an intuitive service for organizing your homepage. Customize Mafl to your individual needs and work even more efficiently!
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